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About High Yield Trader

High Yield Trader consists of buying the best companies in the market...shareholder-friendly companies that dominate their space and pay a consistently rising dividend.


There are no surprises here.


We only want to own the best long-term holdings in the market. More importantly, we want to take historically low-volatile stocks and use them as a consistent source of income.


We can do this through the use of THE best income strategies offered to investors...covered calls. We will also sell a few puts here and there to increase our income. Picking the stocks involves some fundamental analysis, although again, there are no surprises here. We only want to own the best and brightest the market has to offer. The key to the success of High Yield Trader rests not so much on the analysis as it does the strategy.


The High Yield Trader Strategy

We sell call and put options with a high-probability of success on the best companies in the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq 100 that have highly liquid options. Some of you might not be familiar with the term "high-probability of success" so let me explain. It is an important component of how I go about choosing the appropriate option. See Videos.


Highly liquid options give you the ability to choose your own odds for each and every investment/trade. That fact is why so many professionals use options selling strategies. Most investors aren't aware that you can make investments with an enormous statistical advantage. And that's why you're here.


I am going to teach you a new way to look at investing.


A way that uses statistics...a way that most Wall Street firms have adopted as their leading investment strategy.


Remember, we aren't searching for the next high-flyer, we only want to own stocks of shareholder-friendly companies that have a track record of paying increasingly rising dividends. These are companies that dominate their space in the market. We only want to own the best and brightest. It's that simple.


Everyone knows these companies. I'm not going to try and provide you with some factoid that might or might not contribute to the success of either of these companies.


But, what I will do is constantly provide you with the best income opportunities the market has to offer. Finding dividend-paying stocks is easy, it's the strategy that surrounds those companies that provide you with a steady stream of safe and reliable income.


What You'll Get Every Month

Twice a month you'll receive an in-depth report featuring several actionable investment recommendations delivered via e-mail. The report will come out on Wednesday.


Each trade will provide you with a way to increase your income on some of the most reliable stocks and ETFs in the market – the potential to double, triple even quadruple the yield on each and every stock in our portfolio annually. Just as important, each pick also fits within the context of the overall High Yield Trader portfolio so that investors who buy each recommendation remain properly diversified.


Here's a sampling of the investments our subscribers were able to take advantage of over the past 12 months: Gold Miners ETF (NYSE: GDX) 52.1% return (and counting...), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) 30.0% return, Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) 23.1% return, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), 101% return and Altria (NYSE: WFC) 13.5% return.


In addition to the regular issues, you'll also receive periodic trade alerts to take advantage of income opportunities in the market.


Wealth-Generating Specials.


During the year, you'll also periodically receive Special Reports (which can be downloaded as a PDF file) that delve into various educational topics and unique income opportunities.


These invaluable investment insights, strategies and tools are further enhanced by educational videos and webinars. High Yield Trader is not only about providing you the best big winner opportunities; it is about making you a smarter, more-informed investor.


Getting Started

We know getting started can be the hardest part. We also know that many investors lack the funds to invest in all the High Yield Trader recommendations.


Therefore, we provide ongoing coverage of each position so you'll know if it is a good buy after the initial recommendation.


Also, please take the time to read over the Special Reports, latest Issues and lastly, the High Yield Trader portfolio. After reviewing all of the aforementioned you will have a sound grasp of the strategy and how we use it to produce safe, steady income.

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