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Double Your Dividend Income



You’re missing out on a simple way to increase the income you receive from your dividend stocks.

Inside this letter: how to collect this income today.



Fellow Investor,


I would like to tell you all about a little-known way to at least double your income from dividend stocks – turning every $10,000 you collect in dividends into over $20,000 per year…


For instance, if you own shares of Altria (NYSE: MO), you might know that it pays an annual dividend of $1.76 per share.


But starting immediately, you can double that dividend income (at least) and collect an additional 4 payments from Altria’s shares worth a total of $3.52 per share…


That brings your total yield on Altria’s stock to more than 11%...


But it’s not just Altria’s – in fact, you can collect this extra income from just about every American dividend paying company you own.


  • Intel, McDonald’s, Verizon, AT&T, General Electric, Pfizer, Wal*Mart, Microsoft – and dozens of other dividend stocks could pay you double their yield.

I'm revealing this income secret in a brand new research service that  just launched called High Yield Trader.


High Yield Trader is all about collecting that extra income – from the kind of safe, dividend paying stocks you already own.


Now, bear in mind: High Yield Trader is one of the most unusual investment research services in the world.


Until very recently, only hedge funds and money managers running multi-million dollar portfolios could use the income-generating secrets we publish in High Yield Trader.


That’s why you’ve likely never heard of this technique to double your dividends.


But today, you can use the same secrets of the super-wealthy to immediately boost your income.


And I mean today – as in, minutes from now…


I estimate that you’ll collect at least $64 today – and 5 more times throughout the next year for a total of $384...


And it’s not “capital gains” – it’s cash, in your account - you can withdraw, pay bills, or buy more investments with.


And it could be much, much more than $384. The fact is, if you own 5 dividend stocks, you could reasonably expect to collect between $1,450 and $12,304. If you own 10 – it's even more.


Even if it’s “only” $384 – you’d pick up $384 if you saw it lying in the street. This income is there. You just need to claim it.


How is this possible – and what does it have to do with High Yield Trader?

I’m Ian Wyatt, founder and CEO of Wyatt Investment Research. I work closely with my co-editor of High Yield Trader… an income investing expert named Andy Crowder.

Andy and I each have over a dozen years each of working in the investment business, and we’ve made it our business to help individual investors safely build their retirement fortunes safely.

And right now, we know that most investors are in crisis mode. You might feel like you can’t get safe yield – and that you’re portfolio is getting clobbered by inflation.


And you might feel like you need to get a second job or maybe work a few years longer to make up the difference.


After all, yields aren’t just low.


They’re historically low.


What does that mean for investors?


It means even “rich” people can’t afford to live off of their savings.

  • Even with a $1 million retirement account, the 1% interest rates you receive from an ordinary income investment like a money market account returns just $10,000 a year.

  • That’s barely enough money for a married couple to live off for a year. And forget eating out at restaurants – we’re talking beans and rice for most of your meals.

  • Even with a 10 year Treasury bond yielding 2% - $20,000 a year (before taxes) makes you a pauper of a millionaire. People on welfare make more than $20k a year…

These kinds of low interest rates also make it nearly impossible to increase your wealth as an investor. After inflation and taxes, you’re lucky if you come out in the black.


And I believe that unless you make a change, (and soon) your expenses, inflation and Uncle Sam will hollow out your principle in no time.


That’s the real problem we face as income investors: low yields can quickly force you to dip into your savings at the worst time…


What’s the solution?


I’d like to show you exactly how to increase your income without spending any more money on additional investments. That’s key! You need to make more with what you have.


Let me show you a couple quick examples with two more commonly owned stocks: Altria and Microsoft…


These two companies are real examples – but they’re certainly not the only examples.


 I’ll tell you how to use this secret with just about every dividend stock.

But for now, just take a look at how easy this secret works with these two regular dividend stocks…

How High Yield Trader can Double

Your McDonald’s and Altria Dividends


I already mentioned Altria, and how you can collect over 11% using this secret. But let me show you HOW it works...


Altria typically pays out its dividends quarterly, in January, April, July and October.


Amazingly, it has RAISED its dividend for 45 consecutive years…


Even better…


You can more than double Altria’s dividend – just by owning shares and using one simple transaction.


This transaction could turn the current Altria dividend of $1.76 a share into $4.28 a share – more than doubling the yield…


That means for every 100 shares you own, your income goes from $176 a year to $325 a year – growing Altria’s 5% yield into a 12% income stream.


How does this transaction work?


Let me show you with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)…


You might think of this big software company as a boring stock to own. The yield is “only” 3.1% (which is still larger than a 30 year Treasury)…


And for the past 12 years or so, the stock has gone pretty much nowhere – only up about 15%.



If you add in dividends, your gain gets boosted to 44%.


But during that time, you could have collected an extra $26.40 a share – more than tripling Microsoft’s dividend payouts since 2001...


That means that for every 100 shares, you would have collected $2,640 in income in addition to the regular dividend –


And this extra income turns MSFT from a boring 15% gain in 12 years to a 96% total return including dividends!



That’s right – this secret turns slow-growing Microsoft into a near double.


Put another way: if you aren’t using this secret, you’re walking away from most of the potential gains.


The good news is, it’s not too late to start doing this – and not just with Microsoft and Altria. You can boost your returns on just about any dividend stock you own…


And unlike regular dividends, you don’t have to wait for the quarterly distributions.


In fact, you can begin today – with one simple transaction.


If you own Altria and McDonald’s, you can collect at least $384 in income over the next year – collecting your first bonus income starting the next few minutes. It could be much more – up to $1,280 or more depending on your portfolio size.


If you’re interested, I’ve put all the details of how to collect this income into a simple report I call “Two Immediate Investments To Double Your Income.”


I’ll give you access to this report the very minute you claim your risk-free trial to High Yield Trader.


But before I tell you how to get this report – I’m going to reveal to you how this income secret actually works.


How it really works…


I’m not exactly paving new ground with this income secret. As I noted before, this secret has long been used by high-net worth money managers and hedge fund traders.


Even 15 years ago, it would have been almost impossible to use this secret unless you have well over $1 million you were prepared to invest.


It was really that exclusive.


For that reason, it’s still extremely rare for most investors to have even heard of this income technique.


Fewer still try it out…


And a very small number of investors – I’d wager one in 1 million actually use it correctly.


But for those folks who do – it’s one of the safest and most reliable wealth builders in history.


Consider the story of Joe Ritchie. He’s arguably the most famous person to have used this secret. He amassed a fortune of over $1 billion in the 1980s and 1990s using this income secret.


And yet, I’m quite certain you haven’t heard of him.


Pretty amazing – but unless you had millions, even Joe couldn’t help you.


Until the advent of discount online brokerages and the electrification of nearly everything in finance – it was an impossibility.

But now, you can put Joe’s secrets to work.


For the past several years, Andy and I have worked diligently to bring this type of investment research to you.


We’ve shared some of our research with a small group of individual investors. Here’s what they’ve been telling us:


Todd Z. wrote in to say, I personally experienced a 435% gain in my portfolio! I trust Andy explicitly with handling my money.”

Barry S. said,Excellent performance indeed.  You deserve lots of credit.“


John P. wrote, “I have been using your strategy since December and have 7 positive [investments]with enough income to satisfy my expenses and much more.”


I repeat: this income secret Andy and I have worked on is so new and novel that most people simply disregard it out of hand… even though we’ve helped hundreds of people increase their income already…

So before I tell you exactly what it is – I hope you’ll keep an open mind.


The odds are good that almost everything you’ve read about this income secret is total nonsense – the kind of thing that lazy or unintelligent people blab about when they don’t really know anything.


And you probably already know this, but most people just aren’t very good with money – this secret is no different.

Almost everyone is wrong


In short, I’m talking about a simple options transaction.

I have to tell you – I said that only one in 1 million people use this secret correctly, and that’s not an exaggeration.


Andy and I have worked very hard for the past few years perfecting this specific options investment. We’ve already helped a small group of beta testers succeed with it – but we know how people feel about options.


If you think options are some kind of dangerous high-risk investment, I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve been misinformed.


The truth is, most people who use options aren't investors at all...


They're speculators. Gamblers, really. There are thousands of these gamblers who make risky bets hoping for huge overnight gains. And just like any “gamble” the losers outweigh the winners.


But the income strategy Andy and I have perfected is the opposite of risky. It’s making safe income from stocks you own. It’s literally taking the opposite side of the risky trades all of those “speculators” make – and winning every time.


“Every time?”


Yes. In fact, I guarantee it.


I guarantee you will make money if you use this income secret. It’s that simple.


In short, Andy and I use a technique called “covered calls.”


It’s basically the safest options trade there is. There’s no speculation or risk, and you collect income up front – additional income from socks you already own.


If this sounds confusing, I understand completely. This strategy certainly isn’t for everyone.


Some people just like to own shares, and that’s it. But I feel if you already own the shares – why not take one small additional step and collect extra income?


So if you’re interested but still unsure, I’d like to send you a short, but detailed free report on how covered calls work. It’s called, “Double Your Dividends with Stocks You Already Own.”


In it, you’ll find out all of the details of how to use this simple, no-risk strategy to generate income starting today. You’ll also get step-by-step guidance on how to make sure you collect every penny of income from your dividend stocks.


I’ll also give you ANOTHER report called “Making Your Brokerage Account Options-Ready.” Covered calls are probably the easiest type of options investment you can make – but they still require you to make a simple change to your brokerage account.


I’ve looked into how to do this with every major online broker in existence, and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


In this report, I’ll show you how to get your account set up to start collecting income from covered calls


You can get access to all of these reports the minute you claim your risk-free trial to High Yield Trader.


"Most investors use options the wrong way. They seek huge and risky gains - and usually lose big. I seek small, low risk gains - and I win big over the long term."

- Andy Crowder







Before I tell you how – let me briefly tell you about one more vital report I want to send you today.


“What if I don’t own these stocks you mentioned?”


If you’ve been reading this letter and worrying that you don’t own a lot of the stocks I’ve been mentioning – that’s ok.


I’ve put together a simple report detailing how you can use some of the options secrets I’ve mentioned to get paid to buy Microsoft, Altria, McDonald’s, Intel – or any stock you want.


I know that sounds far-fetched – but once you read my report, you’ll see how it all works. It’s really one of the most interesting and lucrative ways to buy shares of companies and I don’t understand why more people don’t use it…


I call this report, “Get Paid Before You Become a Shareholder.”


In it you’ll see how you can actually collect income from these dividend paying stocks before you’re a shareholder – and in many cases, you may never actually own shares. You just collect income every few months.


This report is yours to keep the minute you claim your risk-free trial to High Yield Trader.


Here’s what else you’ll get with your trial:

  • Full 24/7 access to the 'members only' High Yield Trader website, complete with our latest analysis, advice, recommendations, as well as our full portfolio and transaction history.

  • On the first and third Wednesdays of each month, you'll receive the High Yield Trader issue by email. Inside each issue you'll find new recommendations on how to collect extra income from your dividend stocks as well as updates and notes on our latest income plays and any new developments on our watch list.

  • Exclusive email alerts giving you advance notice of when and how to collect ALL of the income possible.

But the best part about being a member of High Yield Trader isn’t the reports or the updates.


The best part is that you’ll be empowered as an investor to know how to make the most income possible from your investments.


I believe that after a few short weeks of reading and understanding how this secret works, you’ll look at the investment world differently.


You’ll understand that being a successful investor means getting paid – up front. Whether you’re buying, selling, or staying put – you should be getting paid.


Andy and I believe that every time you make any kind of investment decision, you should get paid. It might sound strange…


But whether you want to buy, sell or hold – there are thousands people who are willing to pay you cash up front to make that decision.


And that’s the real secret behind High Yield Trader – understanding the little hints, tricks and techniques that exist to make sure you’re on the receiving end of income no matter what you do.


The difference between success and failure in investing is small. You only need to make an extra few percentage points of income each year to see a huge cumulative effect down the road.


Doubling your dividends is just a small (but important) part of it. So I hope you’ll claim your risk-free trial of High Yield Wealth to see what I’m talking about…


Here’s how:


How to Claim Your Risk-Free Trial of High Yield Trader


I'd like to share with you all the details of exactly how you can use options to collect extra income on the stocks you own... but it's simply not possible in this short letter.


In fact, though I think you will collect at least $384 starting today – and over $2,000 (at least) over the next 12 months if you use the information in my reports…


I think it’s only fair to give you a chance to try this service to see the real power of this opportunity.


One year of High Yield Trader costs $499.


I think that’s a bargain, especially considering that you can use this secret with almost every dividend stock you own – doubling your dividend income every year no matter what happens in the market…


I should tell you that Andy and I already sell options research. An annual subscription costs $795 – and we have hundreds of people gladly pay that much…


My point is – we usually charge much more for this type of service.


If that’s not enough of a bargain – here’s what else I’m prepared to do…


I’m so sure you’ll double your dividends over the next year with High Yield Trader that if you don’t make 5-times your subscription cost 1 year from now – I’ll give you 100% of your money back – guaranteed, no questions asked.
That’s right: if you don’t make over $2,000 in extra income 365 days from now using my research, I’ll give you a full refund.


So if you’re interested, I urge you to get started now…


To recap – here’s everything that you’ll get today if you claim your High Yield Trader subscription:


Special Report #1: Two Immediate Covered Call Investments to Double Your Income: in this report I tell you how to collect at least $384 in income from Microsoft and Altria – starting today.


Special Report #2: Double Your Dividends with Stocks You Already Own: inside this report is everything you need to know about options and covered calls. It’s a detailed look at what a call is and how to use it to collect extra income from your dividend stocks.


Special Report #3: Making Your Brokerage Account Options-Ready: this simple report shows you exactly how to get your account set up for covered calls. It takes just a few minutes to set yourself up for immediate income.


Special Report #4: Get Paid Before You Become a Shareholder: If you’re worried that you don’t own some of the companies I mentioned, this report shows you how to GET PAID before you become a shareholder using a simple options transaction.


Also: you’ll get access to any future reports, you’ll receive bi-monthly issues and you’ll be able to send Andy and me any questions you may have about our strategy and how it can work for your dividend stocks.


I almost forgot…


Our first issue came out on April 25th. In it, Andy and I reveal two brand new income opportunities – a way to double your dividend income from two other commonly owned companies: Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) and AT&T (NYSE: T).


I can't go into too much detail, but I expect you'll collect an extra $720 over the next year from these stocks if you use the information in this first issue.


Having said that, I’m also going to make a further guarantee – in addition to what I’ve already promised…

Take the next 30 days to have a look at my work. I personally think it will change the way you think about investing.

But if you’re not happy for any reason – just let us know… and I will issue you  a full and prompt refund – no problem.


To get started, click here now.


Best regards,


Ian Wyatt

Chief Investment Strategist

High Yield Trader





* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of High Yield Trader research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.